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...have their graduating classes set up with a PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY and TREASURER. Other positions may include HISTORIAN, PARLIAMENTARIAN, MARSHAL, PUBLIC RELATIONS, PASTOR and WEBMASTER.  Each has specific responsibilities, but, as a group, work together to reach common goals.  Overseeing the class officers is a CLASS ADVISOR, a knowledgeable member of the faculty who guides the class officers through all aspects of planning.


Specific responsibilities of the class officers may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • is responsible, first and foremost, for presiding over any and all meetings for officers.

  • works with the class advisor(s) in preparing the agenda for all meetings.

  • ensures that all other elected and appointed officers fulfill their duties as assigned.

  • delegates leadership responsibilities when necessary to explore new ideas introduced in meetings.


  • is responsible, primarily, to perform all duties of the President in his or her absence including attending meetings in the President’s place when the President is unable to attend.

  • assists other officers with their duties.

  • assists in the running of all meetings for officers

  • assists, if needed, in preparing the agenda for all meetings.

  • assists the President to ensure that all elected and appointed officers fulfill their duties as assigned.


  • is responsible for writing the agenda for class meetings

  • takes minutes of all meetings as designated and arranged by the President.

  • types and distributes the minutes following each meeting to respective class officers, advisors, and administration.

  •  is responsible for keeping excellent records of the accomplishments of classmates and actively solicits and communicates news worthy activities of class members.


  • ensures that class finances are sound and wisely used for class activities

  • attends class fundraisers

  • schedules fundraiser events or programs.


  • writes a narrative of activities and events

  • maintains an album of documents and memorabilia.

  • coordinates activities with newspaper and yearbook teams

  • publicizes activities


  • is an expert in rules of order and the proper procedures for conducting meetings of the officers.

  • assists in the drafting and interpretation of bylaws and rules of order

  • assists in the planning and conduct of meetings.

  • maintains order and decorum at meetings.







  • serve as members of the Commencement Committee, and as the student voice at the Commencement planning meetings.

  • is responsible for relaying Commencement information to  classmates.

  • lead their classmates in the graduation ceremony procession.


  • manages all external communications for the Student Government Association.

  • drafts press releases, periodic reports, and constant social media posts to improve class officer accessibility and transparency.


  • supports, encourages, and facilitates a safe place of prayer and worship in all interactions with fellow students, faculty, and administrators.

  • leads devotions at the beginning of every meeting.


  • keeps the website/webpage for the senior class current.





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