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Made in America vs. Made Anywhere Else

We are a U.S. based supplier of student recognition products designed specifically for academic ceremonies such as graduations, convocations and honor society inductions.  Our commitment to the schools and colleges we serve is to provide their graduates with products made in the United States.  That's because it is the right thing to do for you and for your graduates.

If you need more than that for reason to have us as your supplier, consider the following:

  • You and your colleagues have devoted time and expertise preparing students for a meaningful life and career supported by a strong U.S. economy.  Does it make sense to present them with academic recognition products made in a foreign nation when you can get the same products made in the United States?

  • Does it make any sense to select a supplier that is comfortable selling to you honor cords and stoles manufactured in a nation that does not enforce safe working conditions or adequate wages for employees?

  • Do you believe that it is in the best interest of your students' future for U.S. based companies to continue the practice of closing U.S. factories and shifting their manufacturing to China, Mexico and elsewhere?

  • The graduation ceremony is a time sensitive public relations event.  Should the importing of textile goods such as honor cords and stoles be limited or prohibited by government action, will your school or college have an established business relationship with a reliable U.S. supplier such as Senior Class Graduation Products?

The reasons go on and on.  But, what it comes down to is that the honor cords, honor stoles, class leadership stoles, custom stoles and medallions we provide are all made in the United States because it's the right thing to do.  That's our #1 reason.

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