Group Of High School Students Celebratin

Let's Reignite the Tradition

Most of our nation's schools and colleges had to hit the pause button for the 2020 graduation season, a great disappointment to the roughly 8 million high school and college students who were ready to celebrate their graduation in the traditional ceremony.

From what we have learned, class advisors, graduation committees and commencement directors made a great effort to make certain their graduates received, at the very least, their cap and gown as well as honor cords and stoles so that the Class of 2020 could take those cherished photos with family members.

Now, it's time to look ahead to the Class of 2021 graduation season and return this great academic tradition to its customary format.

Covid Era Deliveries - On Time. On Target.

A common situation many class advisors and commencement directors experienced this past graduation season was on-time delivery (or even delivery at all) of graduation caps and gowns, honor cords and honor stoles.  For many, this was a direct result from becoming comfortable with vendors that obtained those products from manufacturers located in China, India or Mexico.  When the borders were closed the outfits, cords and stoles stopped coming.  Our customers did not experience that problem. Our specialty is honor cords, honor stoles, class officer stoles and custom designed stoles...all made in the United States.  So, while many schools and colleges were scrambling to find those products or screaming at their suppliers, we were busy filling and shipping orders for our usual on-time delivery. 

Yes, there is a difference between Made in the USA and made anywhere else.

College graduates in black caps and gowns

Honor Cords

Select from over 85 color combinations of honor and grad cords all made in the United States

Honor Stoles

Bright gold satin with HONOR embroidered or screened in black.  All crafted in the United States.

Leadership Stoles

Select from a wide variety of popular class officer titles screened in black on bright gold satin.  Made in USA.

Custom Stoles

Select from a wide array of rich colors of satin and add your own design and lettering.  Made in the USA.

The more you know about the protocol and long-standing traditions that surround the high school and college graduation ceremony, the better your ceremony will be.  Our staff is comprised of lone-time and proven experts in the field of academic ceremony protocol.  A simple understanding of the meaning and purpose behind the attire, recognition cords and stoles as well as the order of events will help you develop and orchestrate a commencement ceremony with memorable and lasting effects.

Below are some articles developed by our staff to help you with your planning:

Some Answers to Common Questions